We are a parent-led, cross-party campaign to fight for fair funding for schools in West Sussex and an inclusive, broad curriculum.


We believe every child deserves a good education as a basic human right. Schools in our constituencies face devastating cuts to budgets already stretched to breaking point. These include reducing staffing levels, increasing class sizes, and profound reductions to children's pastoral and mental health services.

The Government's ‘new’ funding formula is based entirely upon the current discredited funding arrangements that schools already endure.


In real terms this translates to a reduction of 4.6 per cent of per-pupil funding by 2019.


These policies are stressing our state schools to breaking point, and represent a betrayal for a generation of children's life chances. This latest blow to our children's education comes after years of narrowing the school curriculum, and raising the bar so high on primary SATs tests that 47% of 10-11 year olds were told they had 'failed'. This has caused low morale among teachers due to an increased workload but less rewarding work, and our children are becoming anxious and disaffected.


At the school gates, parents are worried that primary education has narrowed in favour of age-inappropriate English and Maths, to the detriment of creativity, problem-solving and our children's natural love of learning.


Save Our Schools (SOS) West Sussex values our schools and believes our teachers are the experts when it comes to education, and we want to see their autonomy restored.


We are saying enough is enough. If you feel the same, come join us!