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Damian Hinds - Parents & Kids Wish You Would Hear

Over 500 postcards written by West Sussex parents and school children were delivered to the Secretary of State for Education today demanding fair funding for local schools.

The “Wish you would hear” postcards were written at school fairs and events over the summer and collected by the parent campaign group, Save Our Schools (SOS) West Sussex.

Devastating effects of real-term cut in funding for state schools

They highlight the devastating effects the real-term cut in funding is having on schools across the county with personal accounts from parents and students.

Marina Jefferiss and Penny Cook, Worthing parents and SOS campaigners delivered the postcards to Damian Hinds at the Department of Education before attending a parliamentary event, together with representatives from other parent-led campaign groups. The event featured real-life stories from children across the country about the impact the cuts are having on their education.

The event follows the unprecedented march on 28 September, which saw more than 2,000 headteachers gather in Westminster to demand that the Chancellor increase the funding allocated to schools in the autumn statement.

Challenge the rhetoric that funding has increased

The Department for Education has now been officially reprimanded by the Office of National Statistics for misrepresenting changes to school funding and exaggerating spend per pupil in the information it provided to the public.

Marina said:

It’s vital that we continue to highlight the impact the cuts are having on our schools and challenge the rhetoric that funding has been increased. Research has shown that funding per pupil has fallen by about 8% in real terms since 2009/10 and our children are experiencing the reality of this every day in their classrooms. We need to stand up for our children, so they get the education they deserve.”

Floss 4 Funding: National day of action on 19 October

Pressure to increase school funding will continue with a national day of action on Friday 19 October when school children, parents and teachers will #Floss4Funding across the UK.

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